Adrien Kaiser

I am a PhD student within the Computer Graphics group at Telecom ParisTech in Paris, France.
I am working with Prof. Tamy Boubekeur on Scene Analysis and Understanding.
I am also working in collaboration with the R&D team at Ayotle SAS, supervised by Dr José Alonso Ybanez Zepeda.


2018 / 02 / 15Young researchers night of the Paris ACM SIGGRAPH chapter.
2017 / 11 / 23Presentation of the article 3DLite to the CG group.
2017 / 11 / 16PhD training on Patents and Intellectual Property.
2017 / 10 / 10Research Day of the LTCI research center of Telecom ParisTech.
2017 / 07 / 30-03 SIGGRAPH 2017, Los Angeles, USA: Technical Talk on Proxy Clouds for RGB-D Stream Processing.
2017 / 07 / 06 Research Day of the "Image, Signal, Data" department: Presentation of a poster on Proxy Clouds for RGB-D Stream Processing.
2017 / 07 / 04 PhD mid-term evaluation by Dr. Eric Lecolinet and Dr. Mathieu Bredif.
2017 / 06 / 08-10Futur En Seine 2017, Paris, France: Presentation of Ayotle's Hayo camera.
2017 / 05 / 05-29PhD training on Scientific Presentation at Telecom ParisTech.
2017 / 05 / 03-31Following computational geometry lectures from Prof. Jean-Daniel Boissonnat at the College de France.
2017 / 04 / 24Our insight technical talk on Proxy Clouds for RGB-D Stream Processing has been accepted at SIGGRAPH 2017.
2017 / 04 / 24-28 EUROGRAPHICS 2017, Lyon, France: Presentation of a preview poster on Proxy Clouds for RGB-D Stream Processing.
2017 / 04 / 20Presentation of an article on Automatic Building Modeling from Point Clouds to the CG group.
2017 / 03 / 22-25Laval Virtual 2017, Laval, France: Presentation of Ayotle's Hayo camera.
2017 / 03 / 04Our preview poster on Proxy Clouds for RGB-D Stream Processing has been accepted for presentation at EUROGRAPHICS 2017.
2017 / 02 / 23Presentation of my work on Proxy Clouds for RGB-D Stream Processing to the CG group.
2017 / 02 / 08Launch of the Indiegogo campaign for Ayotle's Hayo camera.
2017 / 01 / 30Ending presentation for the EPITA PFEE project.
2016 / 11 / 10 Welcome Day for new PhD students: Presentation of a poster on my recent research work and live demo of the Hayo camera.
2016 / 10 / 13Presentation of my work on Live Capture of 3D Geometric Primitives to the CG group.
2016 / 10 / 06Launch of the website for Ayotle's Hayo camera:
2016 / 06 / 27Ending presentation for the IGR205 project at Telecom ParisTech.
2016 / 05 / 19Beginning of the IGR205 project at Telecom ParisTech.
2016 / 05 / 11Beginning of the EPITA PFEE project with Ayotle.
2016 / 04 / 19Presentation of my surveying work on Simple Geometric Primitive Fitting to the CG group.
2016 / 02 / 18Presentation of the article "DynamicFusion" to the CG group.
2015 / 12 / 01I started my PhD within the Computer Graphics group at Telecom ParisTech.


Ayotle SAS

Computer Graphics group - Image, Signal, Data Department
Information Communication and Processing Laboratory (LTCI)
Telecom ParisTech - Paris-Saclay University
ParisTech, Paris Institute of Technology
Mines-Telecom Institute

Research Interests

Computer vision, Scene analysis, Spatial reasoning
Geometric modeling
Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM)
Real-time systems, Embedded systems


2015 - 2018 PhD student at Ayotle SAS and Telecom ParisTech     Paris, FranceCurrent
2014 - 2015Software engineer at CorexpertLyon, France10 months
2014Computer Vision intern at Wikitude GmbHSalzburg, Austria8 months
2013 - 2014Master of Science by Research at the University of LyonLyon, France12 months
2012 - 2013Research intern at the University of North CarolinaChapel Hill, NC, USA12 months
2011Intern at Thales AvionicsValence, France1 month
2010 - 2014Diplome d'Ingenieur (equivalent to MSc in EECS) at CPE LyonLyon, France3 years
2008 - 2010Preparatory Classes for CPE LyonLyon, France2 years

Projects and Publications


September 2016
September 2017

Proxy Clouds for RGB-D Stream Processing

Work done during my PhD at Telecom ParisTech in collaboration with Ayotle SAS.
Collaborators: Prof. Tamy Boubekeur, Dr. Jose Alonso Ybanez Zepeda

Keywords: RGB-D images, Scene analysis, Geometric analysis, 3D point cloud, 3D geometric primitives, planes, Data accumulation, High level superstructure, Live processing, Depth improvement, Data reinforcement, 3D data compression

Modern RGB-D sensors are widely used for indoor 3D capture, with applications ranging from modeling to robotics, through gaming. Nevertheless, their use is limited by their low resolution, with frames often corrupted with noise, missing data and temporal inconsistencies. In order to cope with all these issues, we propose Proxy Clouds, a multiplanar superstructure for unified real-time processing of RGB-D data. By generating and updating through time a single set of rich statistics parameterized over planar proxies and fed from raw RGB-D data, Proxy Clouds support several processing primitives which improve the quality of the RGB-D stream on-the-fly or lighten further operations. As a result, Proxy Clouds provides a light weight analysis framework which copes well with embedded execution as well as moderate memory and computational capabilities. Proxy Clouds can be used for several applications, including noise and temporal flickering removal, hole filling, resampling, color processing and compression.

  A. Kaiser, J.A. Ybanez Zepeda and T. Boubekeur:
Proxy Clouds for RGB-D Stream Processing: A Preview
EUROGRAPHICS 2017 - Posters Program     

  EUROGRAPHICS 2017, April 24-28, Lyon, France  

  A. Kaiser, J.A. Ybanez Zepeda and T. Boubekeur:
Proxy Clouds for RGB-D Stream Processing: An Insight
ACM SIGGRAPH 2017 - Talks Program     

  ACM SIGGRAPH 2017, July 30 - August 3, Los Angeles, CA, USA  

February 2014
October 2014

Robust 3D Object Detection and Tracking on Mobile Devices


Master's Thesis. Work done while at Wikitude GmbH in collaboration with TU Wien.
Collaborators: Nicolas Goell, Markus Eder

Keywords: Augmented reality, Mobile devices, Scene tracking, Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM), RGB images, Point features, Edge features, Keyframes, SIMD on embedded CPU (ARM NEON).

Creation of a visual detection and tracking system based on Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) for three dimensional objects on mobile devices, for augmented reality applications. Study of the state of the art and implementation of the detector in C++, inspired by existing methods.

July 2012
June 2013



Work done as an intern at the NIRAL within the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Collaborators: Dr. Martin Styner, Francois Budin

Keywords: Brain imaging, Diffusion Tensor Images (DTI), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Tractography, 3D voxel registration, Qt, ITK, Graphical user interface, Cross-platform, 3DSlicer.

Development of a user interface for the creation of an atlas image of Diffusion Tensor Images. Cross-platform implementation of the interface in C++ and Python with Qt and ITK to execute the image processing pipeline.
Several contributions to open-source projects.

  A. R. Verde, F. Budin, J.B. Berger, A. Gupta, M. Farzinfar, A. Kaiser, M. Ahn, H. Johnson, J. Matsui, H. C. Hazlett, A. Sharma, C. Goodlett, Y. Shi, S. Gouttard, C. Vachet, J. Piven, H. Zhu, G. Gerig and M. Styner: UNC-Utah NA-MIC framework for DTI fiber tract analysis
Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, January 2014  

  2013 NA-MIC All Hands Meeting, Jan 7-11, Salt Lake City, UT, USA  

Project Supervision

July 2017
Dec 2017
Internship of a 4th year student from Supelec engineering school
Subject: Integration, implementation and optimization of computer vision algorithms
on embedded platform under real-time constraints for 3D scene repositioning
May 2016
Jan 2017
PFEE: Final-year project of the CSAC track at EPITA engineering school
Subject: 3D point cloud scene modeling with a single color camera on mobile devices
May 2016
June 2016
IGR205: 4th year Project Seminar of the IGR track at Telecom ParisTech
Subject: Fitting geometric primitives to 3D data: implementation and evaluation


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